JUUX is a designer brand that aims to defy the boundaries between Fine Arts and your daily life, by bringing in richness into everyday products.
Each JUUX product is a journey in which symbols and characters melt with those who wear them.
All the characters come to life in different episodes where you can find glamour, delicacy, sophistication and mystery.
We'd like our products to be an extension of your own identity and be part of your daily life.
Let JUUX unframe your uniqueness.
JUUX is artist, designer, and entrepreneur, Joana Sá Cabanelas.
Joana Sá Cabanelas was born in Porto, Portugal and grew up between this magical city, the cosmopolitan Lisbon and the North countryside, surrounded by nature.
These different experiences enriched her creative imagination, which led to a unique way of expressing her stories full of fantasy, in which she surrounded herself since she was a child.
Joana studied Product Design, Interior Design, Painting and Art and Design for the Public Space. Lived in Milan, Italy and Utrecht, The Netherlands and is now based in her hometown.
Original and exclusive hand-drawn artwork, painting and art direction by Joana Sá Cabanelas.
Joana Cabadelas
"Luxury is in each detail." - Hubert de Givenchy

The JUUX presentation box is made of golden micro-corrugated cardboard, customized with the logo in purple sealing wax and an individual letter inside the box. This box is meant to be only yours. It is unique and exclusive to our online shop.

Before shipping, we make sure to pack your JUUX box inside a resistant cardboard box so that your order arrives perfectly safe anywhere in the world.

Identidade JUUX