"Emerging Layers" JUUX Collection

The "Emerging Layers" AW20 JUUX Collection is presented in six short tales, mostly focused on feelings of union and cohesion as an individual and collective. The variety of existential feelings is celebrated and aims to be released as something natural and essential to our personal growth. Let’s release our emerging layers on the great outdoors. Original and exclusive hand-drawn artwork, painting and art direction by Joana Sá Cabanelas.
The "Blur" composition focuses on the materialization of an abstract body filled with different layers within itself. These layers come to life through the use of watercolor, that organically takes a life of its own by highlighting or outshining specific points of the artwork. The pale background tone was chosen to melt into the body of the one who wears it.

The "Engage" composition focuses on two distinct bodies that unite but keep their individuality. A happy and healthy relationship as both find a smooth balance. Once again, the pale background tone was chosen to melt into the body of the one who wears it.

The "Geisha" composition is intended to take us to the traditional Japanese world of indoor and outdoor beauty rituals. This Geisha is represented as a sophisticated, educated and enigmatic woman of the arts. Like a shōji door, her world is partially translucent, as this Geisha holds her own world within herself. The golden, greenish and warm background tone was purposely inspired by Caetano Veloso's song, "Você É Linda", where he refers to the Geisha's eyes as a source of honey.

The "Ladybug" composition intends to celebrate the union of a couple where their complex and eccentric minds come together as an eternal bond of mutual understanding. The real world of their psyche rises beyond the beautiful world of the Renaissance gardens of which they are also a part of.

The "Tea Journey" composition tells the story of two young and refined cats, Agatha and Micas. Agatha and Micas are represented in a very light and ironic way, as a metaphor for the role of women in Victorian times. The predictable tea time, the exquisite tea set and the perfect posture are in sharp contrast to the revolting water. Water becomes a metaphorical symbol of the thought of these cats, rising like a Japanese choppy sea, enhancing the need for liberation. This journey is a perception of what we have been taught, of what we project of ourselves and of what we choose to be as self-conscious individuals. To Know Thyself.



The "You Are My Lucky Charm" composition is intended to act as a strong, united good luck charm. It consists of the tree of life in which its branches represent twenty-three lucky charms, among other benefits, from around the world. The purpose of this scarf is to establish a connection of strength and good vibrations with the one who wears it. An object that goes beyond the mundane for the sake of hope. Even if you are not superstitious, it does not harm! 



Let JUUX unframe your uniqueness.


We want to specially thank to António Moutinho Cardoso, for providing Casa do Campo Pequeno as venue for the JUUX Fashion Editorial Photography Session.

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