JUUX & Catarina Diaz Collab, "Let's Fly Away + Let's Find a Way" Velvet Cushion

The creation of this piece started with an invitation sent by the designer, artist, and JUUX Founder and CEO, Joana Sá Cabanelas, who saw in Catarina Diaz's work an aesthetic and ethical visual manifesto of the relationship between human and nature. The harmony was immediate. The result was the cushion "Let's Fly Away + Let's Find a Way".

On one side, Catarina presents us with an imposing raven and an elegant woman dressed in the dark. They are presented to us in a mirrored way, without any scenery behind them. Only the characters exist there. Both with their heads held high, both looking over their shoulder, adorned with the white jasmine flower, symbolizing reverence. "Let's fly away" speaks to us of a genuine, grounded relationship, which offers an invitation to a solo journey, as well as a joint adventure, when the other is in the same line of horizon and commitment.

On the other side, JUUX proposes an invitation to reconnect the beautiful and surprising nature that strives to survive with the city world, full of haste, harsh materials, and based on fast and cheap consumerism. To emphasize this possible relationship based on respect, I recreated a casual and often seen beautiful event in big cities when a plant or a flower ruptures from a concrete wall. In order to create awareness of this possible and most needed cohesion, I elevated this need for change and painted a "Fairrie's Paphiopedilum" plant, which is critically endangered.

The two sides of the same cushion whisper to us that only a genuine relationship with ourselves, with the other, and with nature, allows us to go. To fly and find the way.


Let JUUX unframe your uniqueness. 

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